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Everything will be Okay

This study of Genesis 25 reminds us that even when we are tempted to question God, we can know that everything will be okay. We can learn lessons from God’s faithful followers of the past and find peace and assurance for our modern struggles.

Good Company

God cares and God will provide for your needs. I hope this story (Genesis 24) will encourage you to make God a bigger part of your planning and decision-making in all areas of life.


We say we love God. We even say we would do anything for love". But perhaps too often we find ourselves saying “But I won’t do that.”

Funny how God works

God does not always behave according to our expectations, how do you handle that? Do you laugh? Do you stress? Do you get upset at God? Most importantly, are you willing to follow God's calling?

Life Choices

The choices we make shape who we are. How do you go about making choices? On this post we will look at Genesis 13 and discover what we can learn from major life choices made by Abram and Lot.

Called by God

There is much we can learn from God's calling of Abram in Genesis 12. The question then becomes what has God called you to do? and How willing are you to listen to His calling?