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Discipleship Mini-series - Part 5 - Communion

Discipleship Mini-series - Part 5 - Communion


I strongly recommend listening to the audio, bellow is a brief summary of what is covered in the audio. Also the text bellow is taken from my post on Being a Disciple. I have broken that post down into 6 mini-posts where the focus is on the audio content.

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When Jesus had communion/the Lord’s Supper/the last supper with His disciples, He explained that the bread represents His body (broken for us) (Matthew 26; Mark 14, Luke 22, I Cor. 11). We also know that the church is the body of Christ (Ephesians 1.22-23; 1 Corinthians 12.12-13; Romans 12.3-5; Colossians 1.24). It should go without saying, especially based on the bible texts just mentioned, that the church us, you and me, not the building itself.

Therefore, we ought to break ourselves in the service of others. How often our pride and our comfort keep us from preaching the kingdom of God?

Preaching the second coming includes making it a reality now. The kingdom of God is not just a future, but also a present reality. We can be a bridge of peace, a sliver of hope, a loving shoulder for someone to cry on, a listening ear. 

Perhaps many do not show any interest in the kingdom of God because they have no idea of what it is all about. Heaven sounds boring, and their sinful life here looks exciting! Do you see the challenge? What if people could see the Kingdom of Heaven as the answer to all their earthly problems? What if they can experience love and acceptance and guidance and wisdom and service and true joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding here, in this world, would that not make them long for the ultimate establishment of the kingdom of God?

What if we took the time to abide in the words of Jesus, to live them, to live a life that gives glimpses of the kingdom of God to all those around us?

In order to make disciples, we must first be disciples.  In order to be disciples we must abide in the words of Jesus. There we learn to seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). When we seek our kingdom we lose everything, but when we seek the kingdom of God, abiding in His word, we gain everything.

Unless I abide in the words of Jesus, unless I become a true disciple, unless I want God’s kingdom to be established and His will to be done in my life, on earth as it is in heaven, I will never make any disciples.

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Discipleship Mini-series - Part 4 - Gospel of the Kingdom of God

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