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Talents Mini-Series Part 4

Talents Mini-Series Part 4


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On this post we continue our study of the 25th chapter of the book Christ’s Object Lessons which focuses on the Parable of The Talents told by Jesus and recorded in Mathew 25:14-30.

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Favorite quotes:

  • “The uneducated man who is consecrated to God and who longs to bless others can be, and is, used by the Lord in His service. But those who, with the same spirit of consecration, have had the benefit of a thorough education, can do a much more extensive work for Christ. They stand on vantage ground.” (COL 333)

  • “The Lord desires us to obtain all the education possible, with the object in view of imparting our knowledge to others.” (ibid)

  • “Let the youth who need an education set to work with a determination to obtain it. Do not wait for an opening; make one for yourselves.” (COL 334)

  • “Far more might be accomplished in the work of self-education if we were awake to our own opportunities and privileges.” (ibid)

  • An ordinary mind, well disciplined, will accomplish more and higher work than will the most highly educated mind and the greatest talents without self-control. (COL 335)

Talents Mini-Series Part 3

Talents Mini-Series Part 3