How much for that?

Have you ever been pressured to place something ahead of your relationship with God?

In this study of Genesis 25:29-34, we continue our journey through Genesis. On this episode, we look at Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup. What is the value you place on your personal relationship with God?

Everything will be Okay

This study of Genesis 25 reminds us that even when we are tempted to question God, we can know that everything will be okay. We can learn lessons from God’s faithful followers of the past and find peace and assurance for our modern struggles.

Being a Disciple

Being a disciple is not only about knowing. It goes beyond simply believing. The process begins with knowing, then believing, but you’re not a disciple until you begin doing, imitating, copying, living as Jesus lived.

Sing to the LORD

“Music is able to communicate above and beyond verbal expression and to touch realms of the unutterable. When words are insufficient expression, music still speaks and touches the heart and mind.”
- Lilianne Doukhan