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The Relationship Post

The Relationship Post

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Everything began with a personal post about how I am grateful for my wife! Which led to suggestions about me doing a podcast episode with my wife and about doing an episode answering questions from my listeners and readers. I decided to combine both and here we are!

The post where you can ask questions can be found here! There you can find the link to where all the questions are and you can even upvote or downvote any question you would like.

You can also check out Part 2 and Part 3

Here is a quick summary of what is discussed in the audio. (You should really listen to the audio for a more complete experience.)

Question 1: I hear Vanessa liked you before you noticed her. What did she learn about waiting? And what are some tips she might have for a girl who is waiting?

  • It’s true, I (Vanessa) was interested in him (Marlon) before he showed any interest in me. Before even meeting him in person. Long story.

  • I (Vanessa) am not very good at waiting.

  • Traditional view of dating.

  • Dating with a purpose, planning for marriage

  • I (Vanessa) did pray A LOT for God’s guidance

  • But the way I (Vanessa) felt about him (Marlon) didn’t change so I kept waiting.

Question 2: How did you know Vanessa was the one?

  • Vanessa and I attended the same church and were very involved with ministry. I had opportunities to observer her long before dating her.

  • Once we started dating we talked a lot about many things, especially life goals, values, plans for the future etc.

  • I noticed Vanessa’s values and goals were similar to mine. I also noticed her strengths complimented my weaknesses.

  • I then evaluated the positives and negatives and realized the positives far outweighed the negatives.

  • I never thought Vanessa was perfect, even though I often tell her that she is perfect. But I know for sure she is worth it. She is worth my investment of time, attention, and everything else.

Question 3: How do you grow "trusting" relationship between husband and wife?

  • We are perhaps in a unique situation that we dated for a long time. We had known each other for a long time before we got married.

  • We never gave each other reason to distrust. We never lost each other’s trust. We were always respectful toward one another.

  • I guess you build a trusting relationship slowly over time. It is important to date a person of character, a person who is trustworthy.

  • If you’re already married but lost that trust I would guess that only time can heal that. Time and honest and open communication.

Is there anything you would tell your younger selves looking back at your lives?

  • Its all going to be okay. Everything will turn out fine.


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