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The Relationship Post - Part 2

The Relationship Post - Part 2

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For Part one check out The Relationship Episode.

The questions were originally shared on the Relationship Questions post.

And all this started due to the popularity of my post I am grateful for my wife!

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Q: How are finances managed between both? Whether it's from budget tips to solving any disagreements on using money. Thanks!

  • Tithes and Offerings - we have been doing this our whole lives so we didn’t even think to mention it on the audio, but its the first thing we do.

  • Financial Peace University

  • We both agree on the budget and any changes/adjustments we want to make to it.

  • Always discuss purchases especially big ones

  • Set up emergency fund.

  • Avoid debt.

Can a stay at home mom expect her full-time working husband to help at home and with the kids? But what about when the kids go to school and she continues to be a stay at home mom? Do the same rules apply?

  • Helping at home is for everyone who lives in the home

  • Caring for children is a full time job, when you have to pay for someone else to do it it gets expensive fast.

  • Sets example for the children

  • Coordinate and have realistic expectations.

What's the biggest change children have made on your life?

  • Sleep - no sleeping in for 6 years. Weekends, holidays, it doesn’t matter, we will be up by 7 AM at the very latest.

  • Time - there is a constant demand on your time. By constant, we mean constant, if the kids are up they demand your time.

  • Money - food budget shot through the roof! Activities for the kids like swimming, piano and cello lessons, gymnastics, private school, etc.

  • Travel - you have to plan more carefully with kids and there are more tickets to buy and you have to consider the food, feeding kids can be tricky.

The Relationship Post - Part 3

The Relationship Post - Part 3

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