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The Relationship Post - Part 3

The Relationship Post - Part 3

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The questions were originally shared on the Relationship Questions post.

And all this started due to the popularity of my post I am grateful for my wife!

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Q: Was it hard to assimilate the role of "pastors wife”?

  • I had an idea what I was getting into from when we were dating.

  • I have enjoyed being involved with church activities even before marriage so spending a lot of time in and around church was nothing new.

  • The hardest part was dealing with self-imposed burdens and expectations.

Q: What are your views on family worship? Is it a thing of the past or is it as important as personal prayer?

  • It is very important and we have been doing it with our kids ever since they were born. Even when they were too young to understand it.

  • It should be age appropriate and change as the kids are at different developmental stages. It’s all about the kids learning about God.

  • Being involved with the kids sabbath school class and adventurer club provides you with great ideas.

Q: What are some of the benefits of being married to a pastor? What about the downsides?

  • community, involvement, friends

Q: How did having kids change your view of God?

  • I became less afraid of asking God for things I didn’t deserve (especially since I don’t deserve any of the blessings I constantly receive).

  • I became more trusting

  • I became more dependent on God, or more comfortable with my dependence on God.

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

The Relationship Post - Part 2

The Relationship Post - Part 2